We support all our clients by providing them with insight into their businesses need for sustainable growth and profitability. Sarsson Consulting offers benchmarking services that make it easy for financial executives to understand the top opportunities for improvement in their organizations and where they are leading and lagging in relation to their industry peers.

Sarsson Consulting has a history of providing sound financial advice to its clients across a wide spectrum of industries. Our benchmarking services use a reliable and tested database of financial statements from publicly and privately held companies, and our reports include 26+ financial metrics.

Our three levels of financial benchmarking:

The Industry Report provides a real-time snapshot of the norms within your industry. This report illustrates averages and recent trends in your industry, helping you understand the market in which you are operating.

The Company Comparison report compares your most recent fiscal year financial data to your industry peers. This report helps you gain an objective view of your performance against your competitors and identifies your top areas of opportunity to drive profitability.

Annual Insight is a strategic tool for financial executives who want to track key financial metrics and organizational performance over the course of a year. The comparison includes an initial baseline report, three quarterly updates and a year-end summary.

We create customized peer group benchmarks, revenue size and geography that help you address key topics such as:

  • Liquidity and the organization's ability to meet obligations

  • Profit margins and how they compare to industry trends

  • Sales performance and its effect on profitability

  • Borrowing and how effectively the company is managing debt

  • Efficient management of gross fixed assets